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Why Professionals Should Move Vehicles From State to State

Almost everyone can figure out how to get their furniture moved from state to state, but what about vehicles? Most people who do not work in the automotive trades have no idea how to prepare a vehicle for moving, let alone how to transport it. That is why thousands of customers rely on businesses like U.S. Car Shipping and Transport Company. Customers can get a quick US Car Shipping Quote and then relax and let experts safely transport their vehicles.

Professionals Make it Easy to Order Service

Transport experts know that customers often have no experience moving cars, so they simplify the process. For example, clients can go online and get a US Car Shipping Quote. Experts will then put them in touch with local branches who then schedule the move. Transport experts provide upfront pricing and include all fees. They also tell customers how to prepare their cars for shipment. For instance, clients are asked to deactivate alarms, ensure that tanks are not more than 1/2 full and enclosed auto transport remove personal items.


Car Shippers Protect Vehicles

Many clients hire vehicle movers after rejecting the idea of driving cars themselves. Self moves can be dangerous for cars and require skills that few drivers have. In contrast, reputable auto shipping pros have years of experience. They also carry insurance so that customers are protected if unforeseen accidents damage vehicles. However, the vast majority of cars arrive in excellent condition, even when drivers have to deal with natural and man-made disasters. That is because professionals have backgrounds that allow them to anticipate and avoid issues. They are also skilled at loading and unloading vehicles safely.

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Transport Experts Meet Legal Requirements

Some clients hire professionals after trying to move their own cars from state to state. They often find out the hard way that hauling costs, coupled with fines, can be more expensive than professional movers’ charges. That is partially because interstate vehicle shipping is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Professional car transporters have all the certifications and experience needed to meet all interstate shipping requirements.


Specialists Adapt to Clients’ Needs

A company that specializes in auto transport can accommodate unique customer needs. For example, most offer open and closed transports. Closed vans are ideal for those moving antique and other valuable cars. The companies also safely move ATV’s, motorcycles, boats and trucks. Their equipment can be adapted to protect and stabilize any type of vehicle during transport. The businesses also work around customers’ pick up and delivery needs.


Car movers make it easy for customers to get quotes and arrange convenient vehicle pick up and delivery. The businesses protect cargo during shipment and take care of all state and Federal vehicle moving requirements. They can safely transport a wide variety of vehicles in open and closed trucks.

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